MODULE 2: Style Secrets

Forget the formal textbook-style writing you learned in school! This module shows you how to write in a conversational and engaging style that draws readers in and keeps them on the page.

3 lessons
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    Conversational Writing

    Anyone who has waded through a text book will know how tedious formal writing can be. And it’s so hard to remember. The smart blogger offers information in a conversational package so readers’ brains stand at attention. Here are 6 tips for conversational and effective writing.
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    How to Connect, Move, Inspire an Audience with Story

    Story moves people. It moves them to action, to learn more, to be more. It’s an important element of a great blog — a defining story. The best bloggers use that power of story to get their message across. Let’s see how to do it.
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    Add Drama: How to Use Dialog in Non-Fiction

    Dialogue engages your reader and keeps him or her on the page. It works in nonfiction just as easily as in fiction, as evidenced in newspaper stories. Try these tips to enhance your blog posts with dialogue.